My first Facebook post. And how it went viral.


Back in those days…

I mean 2012. I was new to Facebook. I had just transformed my inner virtual extrovert from using Orkut to an all new Blue World Facebook.

Wait .. Wait. I will tell you my reason for joining Facebook.

OBJECTIVE: To find and browse more and more hot girls.

Yes. Very specific it is. I know.

And hence my journey starts…

I was asked to fill up details about me. My name, gender, My interest, my political views bla bla…..

Then came the most crucial moment. Back in those days, with low self-esteem, we introverts donot have something called a cool d.p.

In those situations, we have one choice: keep bollywood actor’s pic as a d.p.


Girls used a more abstract and intellectual method: they used to keep a pic of rose as their d.p

else they have this:


For people who don’t know what d.p. is it… Lemme tell you. D.P aka Display Picture 😛

What I kept ????

Ohh Yeah.. I went International…

DJ TIESTO .. Hell yeah! DJ Tiesto as my d.p.



After giving away all my Janam Kundli to Mark Zuckerberg’s server. I wrote my first status on Facebook.

‘Hi Guys. I’m on Facebook’

Yeah. That was my first status on Facebook. And with 313 facebook friends, it went viral with 472 likes.

I don’t know the reason behind that.

If you know, feel free to contact me.


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