Can love happen with a fake facebook profile? It happened to me.

t Oh yes.. You heard it right.

I was deeply in love with a Facebook Poser.

Julia was her name. And being a middle-class Indian. I was fascinated by white cute girls. It all started from Facebook. It was 11:39 p.m. and I was bored. I had a cup of coffee in my mind and running down my News Feeds, Facebook suggested me this cute girl. Trust me she had a cute d.p. Opzzz. I forgot you have seen the pic.

Oh yes! So I quickly sent her a friend request and she added immediately..

Oh yeah xD.. I drank the whole coffee with one go. BOTTOMS UP xD

Now with caffeine running in my veins I sent her a ‘Hi’

and here is what our chat went like :yk42c.jpg

I was blocked.. I was heartbroken ­čśŽ

Till, the next day I got a request from another i.d. with this screenshot in the message.

My answer in reply : NOTHING.. I simply blocked her.



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