Snapdeal’s sale to Flipkart will break my relationship

Yes. You heard it right.

My girlfriend has threatened to break up if Snapdeal gets acquired.

I find no LOGIC in this. Yeh koi baat hai !!!

I too had the same expression that you are giving right now. But sadly that’s the truth.


A few months ago, I proposed this beautiful girl with chocolates.

Delicious right? I know.



And I had gifted them via Snapdeal. And till then, I did not know that this start-up had rebranded itself with tagline UNBOX ZINDAGI

And she loved the tagline. She loved it so much that she related it to me and said me YES. But with this news “A $1 billion buyout of struggling online marketplace Snapdeal by Flipkart may yield more immediate benefits to Tiger Global Management, Flipkart’s largest investor, than to the buyer or to Indian consumers.” –LIVEMINT

There is a storm in my life. She said the day it gets acquired. We will break up.

I wish Snapdeal’s founders, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, to save my relationship and their company.

We love Snapdeal.


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