Arnab Goswami gave my relationship a kick

The nation wants to know.

Is it? Naaah. Nation does not care about me.

But Yes. I do care about Mr Goswami.

Newshour debate was not just a debate. My girlfriend and I used to fight over each other. We used to take sides. And I always took Arnab’s.

I think we had a connection. Now, that he was gone and there was no drama in my relationship. I missed him. We both missed him.

Oh wait! He is back. I just saw his first look.

“The game has just begun.”

He has also got this new look with quite long hair.

Oh yes, he also got a new pair of cool glasses. I hope they are not from Lenskart. Just kidding.

I thank Arnab for giving kick to my relationship.


Snapdeal’s sale to Flipkart will break my relationship

Yes. You heard it right.

My girlfriend has threatened to break up if Snapdeal gets acquired.

I find no LOGIC in this. Yeh koi baat hai !!!

I too had the same expression that you are giving right now. But sadly that’s the truth.


A few months ago, I proposed this beautiful girl with chocolates.

Delicious right? I know.



And I had gifted them via Snapdeal. And till then, I did not know that this start-up had rebranded itself with tagline UNBOX ZINDAGI

And she loved the tagline. She loved it so much that she related it to me and said me YES. But with this news “A $1 billion buyout of struggling online marketplace Snapdeal by Flipkart may yield more immediate benefits to Tiger Global Management, Flipkart’s largest investor, than to the buyer or to Indian consumers.” –LIVEMINT

There is a storm in my life. She said the day it gets acquired. We will break up.

I wish Snapdeal’s founders, Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, to save my relationship and their company.

We love Snapdeal.

My first sip of Coca-Cola.

Thanda Matlab Coke.

In India, we call Coke as ‘Thanda’. Yes. That’s the power of marketing and branding that The Coca-Cola Company has done in India. I don’t what do they call in other countries.

But yes, I remember Coke used to come for just Rs.5 previously. Yes, a small glass bottle at Rs.5/-

Okay, enough information lets come to the topic. It was summering in 1998 and I had just seen a great Coca-Cola Ad on TV. Not just Coca-Cola, it was Aamir Khan drinking Coca-Cola. You can have a look below. You will then understand my feelings.


Okay, so this small child has seen the first Coca-Cola Ad on Doordarshan. That was enough to make me fight at home. And Indian parents do not agree to their child so easily. It’s like you crawl, cry, shout, beg, get unconscious, run around then you will get. Yes, that’s the strategy which every Indian child knows by default. So I too did the same and got Rs. 5 from my dad and ran to the nearby shop.

I asked – “Uncleeeeeee! Aamir Khan jo Peeta hai who dena”

That guy couldn’t understand. Then he showed me his fridge. And I was mesmerised by the Translucent glass brown colour water shining and that shape of the bottle. That was like my first crush.

That’s it all the drama was till this. He opened the bottle gave me the straw and I drank it.

Then a whole new melodrama started but that was within me. I was trying to guess the taste- it was salty as well as sweet. But all I know that gave me so much fun inside my mouth and my stomach, I can never forget.

Thank You, Coca-Cola for my first aerated drink.


Can love happen with a fake facebook profile? It happened to me.

t Oh yes.. You heard it right.

I was deeply in love with a Facebook Poser.

Julia was her name. And being a middle-class Indian. I was fascinated by white cute girls. It all started from Facebook. It was 11:39 p.m. and I was bored. I had a cup of coffee in my mind and running down my News Feeds, Facebook suggested me this cute girl. Trust me she had a cute d.p. Opzzz. I forgot you have seen the pic.

Oh yes! So I quickly sent her a friend request and she added immediately..

Oh yeah xD.. I drank the whole coffee with one go. BOTTOMS UP xD

Now with caffeine running in my veins I sent her a ‘Hi’

and here is what our chat went like :yk42c.jpg

I was blocked.. I was heartbroken 😦

Till, the next day I got a request from another i.d. with this screenshot in the message.

My answer in reply : NOTHING.. I simply blocked her.


My first Facebook post. And how it went viral.


Back in those days…

I mean 2012. I was new to Facebook. I had just transformed my inner virtual extrovert from using Orkut to an all new Blue World Facebook.

Wait .. Wait. I will tell you my reason for joining Facebook.

OBJECTIVE: To find and browse more and more hot girls.

Yes. Very specific it is. I know.

And hence my journey starts…

I was asked to fill up details about me. My name, gender, My interest, my political views bla bla…..

Then came the most crucial moment. Back in those days, with low self-esteem, we introverts donot have something called a cool d.p.

In those situations, we have one choice: keep bollywood actor’s pic as a d.p.


Girls used a more abstract and intellectual method: they used to keep a pic of rose as their d.p

else they have this:


For people who don’t know what d.p. is it… Lemme tell you. D.P aka Display Picture 😛

What I kept ????

Ohh Yeah.. I went International…

DJ TIESTO .. Hell yeah! DJ Tiesto as my d.p.



After giving away all my Janam Kundli to Mark Zuckerberg’s server. I wrote my first status on Facebook.

‘Hi Guys. I’m on Facebook’

Yeah. That was my first status on Facebook. And with 313 facebook friends, it went viral with 472 likes.

I don’t know the reason behind that.

If you know, feel free to contact me.